I got a relatively late start at serious shooting, starting with a 1911 in 2001. I shot USPSA at club level matches and a couple Area matches before getting a “real job”, which made attending regular matches almost impracticable.

In 2009 I became obsessed with rifle shooting. That year I started attending Appleseed shoots. I shot a “Rifleman” score on the first day of my first shoot and worked my way up to a full instructor by December. By spring of the following year I was a Shoot Boss.

At some point I realized that I “knew” too much to learn any more, and that I was spending all my spare time teaching and not doing much shooting. Shooters were showing up at Appleseed shoots shooting higher scores than I could. I wondered how effective I could be as an instructor if I wasn’t keeping my skills up as a shooter. I decided to hang up my Appleseed hats and to take charge of my continuing education with a rifle on my own.

In May of 2011 I decided to begin documenting my progress in rifle shooting via a blog. Being extremely curious as to the finer points of using a rifle, and not being able to find information about that kind of stuff online, I decided to learn it and fill the information gap myself. I hope that what I do here will provide useful information or a source of some interest to you.


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  1. Awesome site. Got an R700 Varmint in .308 last Thanksgiving. JUST starting to get into this and am anxious to poke around the blog to learn some things.
    I am from Boise, so am considering joining the Parma Range.

    • The 700 should serve you well. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of $$$ on a decent scope. I would definitely consider hitting the matches in Parma once you feel like you are ready. Thanks for reading.

  2. Thanks for a great website. I really look forward to your next posts. I’ve gotten through the bolt manipulation series, and I am looking forward to applying it to my Savage.

    Thanks again,
    –Matt R.

  3. At one point, when you where swapping ammo around, you talked about owning an M1A. How about some tips, pointers and shooting results for that fine piece of scrap iron? BTW, has your FN come back from the hospital yet?

    • I do have an M1A. I don’t consider myself an authority on it. It lends itself well to old school positional rifle shooting. The long sight radius is nice. Inserting mags by rocking them in takes some getting used to. Irons work well, but optics introduce significant re-engineering to find anything close to a cheekweld. That’s about all I know.

      No, the FN is not back from the hospital. Last I heard, about a month ago, it was basically on the operating table. I would be getting antsy if I had time to do anything fun at the moment.

  4. Cool. Good info. Do you just have the Standard M1A or an upgraded version? What kind of accuracy are you getting?

    I understand on waiting on gunsmiths. It took almost a year to get my .400 Whelen out of the shop.

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